Curtin Sarawak's modern campus has often been described a piece of Australia transplanted in Sarawak. Many equate it to stepping into another world. Thus is the uniqueness and allure of the campus.With the opening of the impressive 300-acre campus in the suburb of Senadin to the north of the city in 2002, Curtin established a firm foothold in Malaysia. Prior to that, for some three years, the fledgling campus occupied temporary premises at a secondary school at Riam Road in the city's southern outskirts.
University Life :
Being a University student is an exciting time in your life, and presents many opportunities and challenges. At Curtin Sarawak we understand the challenges and we provide the opportunities. Department of University Life takes care from the students point of entry until the students are graduate and becoming the Alumni member. We provide informative Orientation programme to all new students when they first come in to the university. We offer a wide range of exciting activities, which give support in their development during their university life. And we prepare them to be a successful employee and provide them with assistance in thier career path.
Courses at Curtin Sarawak :
Every aspect of the academic programs including course materials and examinations delivered at the Sarawak Campus are identical to the Curtin programs offered in Perth.
Undergraduate Degree :
Faculty of Business and Humanities:
Bachelors of Arts
Media, Culture and Communication
Bachelors of Business Administration
Business Administration
Bachelors of Commerce
Accounting and Banking
Accounting and Entrepreneurship
Accounting and Finance
Banking and Finance
Entrepreneurship and Marketing
Finance and Management
Finance and Marketing
Management and Marketing
Marketing and Public Relations
Public Relations and Management
Tourism and Hospitality and Marketing Double Major
Faculty of Engineering and Science:
Bachelor of Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil and Construction Engineering
Electronic and Communication Engineering
Electrical Power Engineering
Computer System Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Mechancial Engineering
Petroleum Engineering
Bachelor of Technology
Computer System and Networking
Bachelor of Science
Applied Geology
Postgraduate Degree :
Faculty of Business and Humanities:
Graduate Certificate in Project Management *
Master of Science (Project Management) *
Master of Philosophy (M.Phil)
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)
Faculty of Engineering and Science
Master of Engineering Science (Electrical Engineering) *
Master of Philosophy (M.Phil)
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)
Master of Petroleum Engineering*
* Programmes by coursework
Intakes: February, March, August


Website : http://www.curtin.edu.my/

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